Pygmy Goats & Design

By Jamie Cornelius
Creative Director

I confess, I love pygmy goats. They make me smile. In fact, I love all miniature animals. I even have a dream of one day owning a miniature farm – complete with a tiny barn and tractor. Maybe it’s because, as a child, we always had a collection of pets. From the family dog to the frog or snake that we found in the local creek, nothing seemed off limits. My parents always encouraged the sometimes-crazy zoological whims. So, it was a hard decision when it came time to choose what I wanted to be when I “grew up”. But ultimately, I knew that animals were a dream and design was a career.

Dreams are what shape and inspire designers. We’re passionate people and our creativity extends to our non-working hours. I don’t think I’ve ever met a designer that didn’t have another talent or interest that they were eager to dive into on the weekend. It helps us stay creative, broaden our perspective, and ultimately energize our thoughts and views – fueling our imaginations. I’m not saying that we are unique in this, everyone has passions. However, I do believe that designers can get somewhat extreme- and that’s ok with me.

Being passionate about things like pygmy goats, extreme knitting, or chainsaw sculpture makes us interesting. It’s why I love design, both doing it and being around kindred spirits. It’s not only solving a problem, but pushing creativity to the limits by seeing things from different points-of-view. I’m motivated to constantly search for the next big thing and being part of making it happen. That’s why retail design excites me so much. It’s constantly changing and always demanding something fresh and new. And the pygmy goats? Currently I’m settling for the YouTube versions.